Q&A with Alum Jeff Glaze

27 04 2012

By Brianna Shawhan


 Name:  Jeff Glaze

Current Employer:  Wisconsin State Journal in Madison

Year graduated:  Spring 2011

Degree Earned:  News/Internet

A love of politics and journalism (thank you, Tom Brokaw!) made Drake University and the promise of the Iowa Caucuses a perfect fit for Jeff Glaze. While at Drake, Jeff was able to land internships at both Iowapolitics.com and The Des Moines Register. That experience prepared him for the job he has now at the Wisconsin State Journal.


What do you do at your job?

I’m the night reporter, so I clean up other people’s messes, cover meetings, such as the city council, help the copy desk, and I cover crime when it happens, but Madison is a sleepy crime town. (laughs) The Des Moines Register was more interesting in that aspect because a lot more happened.

How did your journalism training at Drake prepare you for the work you do now?

The journalism school teaches you how to think on your feet, ask follow-up questions, assemble ideas for stories, and develop critical thinking. They help you start developing and becoming a better reporter.

What drew you to journalism?

When I was younger, my family was big into family dinners.  We would have it at the same time, and it was always during NBC News with Tom Brokaw. I got really interested in the news at that time, and I started reading his books. He’s a really good writer for a television reporter. He became one of my idols and to this day I’m still a big fan of his.

What was your favorite article or project at Drake?

The capstone (Think, spring 2011) was the most fun. We traveled to northwestern Wisconsin and did a story on languages that are disappearing because they’ve either been swallowed up by English or there are very few native speakers left. Click here for a link to Jeff’s story titled “People of the Big Voice.” http://www.drakejournalism.com/ThinkMag2010/reviving-of-a-language/

What advice do you have for current Drake journalism students?

Make sure you get involved as much as you can on campus and with internships because grades don’t matter as much in journalism, experience does. I’ve never had a job or internship ask to see my transcript. If your class clips are OK, some internships will take you, but I would definitely recommend getting involved in all of the campus outlets.

What was the biggest mistake you made at Drake?

I’d say not getting involved in The Times-Delphic because I had so much fun working with a group of students on the capstone that I kind of felt like there’s a certain camaraderie you miss out on if you skip that. Everyone who does The Times-Delphic will tell you it’s a lot of work, but they’ll say it’s a really close knit group that has a lot of fun working together.

What is one class that you think all Drake students should take?

I would say Public Affairs Reporting and Journalism Law because you have to know what libel is and who is affected by it. You have to understand how to treat someone who is in the public eye and someone who is in a private citizen, because you wouldn’t treat your neighbor the same way you would treat someone who’s famous. And Public Affairs Reporting would give you the reporting skills you need.



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