Emily Cook

Current Employer: Kraft Food & Family

Majors: Magazines, English writing

Expected Graduation: May 2011

Emily Cook is a senior from Jewell, Iowa. She does a lot of writing, but she never gets tired of it, which is probably a good thing since that’s what she dreams of doing when she grows up.

In the future, Emily hopes to work for a shelter or culinary publication, a goal that Drake’s magazine department is helping her achieve. Emily recently finished up a year-long stint as an editorial intern for Do It Yourself magazine and is excited to start working for Kraft Food & Family magazine this fall. By the time she graduates, she’ll have real-life experience at her two dream jobs.

What Emily is passionate about professionally, she’s also passionate about personally. Because she always likes to feel at home, some of her favorite things to do are cook and decorate. She’d rather buy 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets than a new pair of shoes, and she likes to think of herself as a young Paula Deen. She understands what the power of a little love and a lot of butter will do to any meal.

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