Campus Media


The Times-Delphic

The Times-Delphic is Drake University’s student-run newspaper. The paper is published twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, except during school breaks. It is entirely student-run, with Drake students serving as editors, writers, photographers, and designers. The “T-D,” as it is often called, has been Drake’s student newspaper since 1884, and it has won numerous awards over the years, including the Associated College Press’s Best of Show competition. You can pick up a copy of the T-D in various locations around campus, including Meredith Hall and the Olmsted Student Center. The website,, publishes the latest news, a virtual copy of the most recent edition and an archive of past editions.

KDRA 94.1 The Dog

“The Dog” is Drake University’s radio station, broadcasting from four p.m. through four a.m. Mondays through Fridays and all day Saturdays. It is operated by Drake’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Students in journalism classes and the Drake Broadcasting Service (a student organization) produce content for the station. “The Dog” was created in August 2006, on a low power FM frequency shared with Grandview College in Des Moines. From 2000-2006, Drake’s radio station was known as KDCS, and before 2000, it was called KDRK. Tune in to 94.1 FM or listen to their stream online at the DBS website.


DBStv is Drake University’s student television station. It is run by the student organization, Drake Broadcasting System. Their shows air to the greater Des Moines area on Channel 16 and 46 and to Drake’s campus on Campus Cable Channel 7. Visit the website for more information on the station, their taping schedule and their airing schedule.

DUH – The Honors Magazine

DUH (an acronym for Drake University Honors) is a new magazine published by the Honors Program and the Honors Student Council. Created in 2007, DUH has since published three issues and is working on the next. The magazine is published once a year in the spring. DUH focuses on political, cultural, technological and environmental issues affecting both the United States and the world. Each year’s issue has a unifying theme; the most recent issue’s was “Revolutions.” DUH is run by students of all majors and schools and strives to provide a forum where students can connect what they learn in class with the issues and events surrounding them and affecting their daily lives. Look for the next issue is April 2010.


Periphery exists as an innovative and progressive art and literary journal that aims to share the best creations of Des Moines writers and artists. With each issue Periphery tries to live up to its name: to reach beyond the outer limits, to be on the edge. 

Drake University’s Art and Literary Journal is going on 47 years of publication and we invite any writer/artist/musician/scribbler residing in the Des Moines area to submit to the journal.


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